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THE FIRST GENERATION Henry Waddington’s birth certificate (born 7 March 1873) tells us that in 1873 Amelia & Robert had four children but Robert John was deceased at the time of Henry’s birth. The surviving childern were: Jane Amelia, born Lancashire 1861, who our research confirms married Edward Brewer Jane and Ted had four children- May, Elsie Amelia, Edward and Unknown.  She died in Golden Square in 1938.  Further confirmation that Jane married into the Brewer family is Jane’s Will. Ted died in May 1890 and Jane in July 1938.  Both are buried in the Bendigo Cemetery (grave #10570). Jessie Olive; Jessie married Augustus Mumford on 3 February 1892 in the Wesleyan Parsonage, Forest Street, Bendigo.  Note: Augustus was a witness at the wedding of Henry & Jo, as was Jane.  You will see that, as Jessie was not 21 years at the time of her marriage, she was married with Amelia’s consent.  Gus’ occupation at the time was cab driver.  Gus died in July 1903 and Jessie in May 1926.  Both are buried in the Bendigo Cemetery (grave #15534). Henry married Johanna Samuels (born 17 August 1872) and they had eight children.  Henry died of Miners Complaint (silicosis) in 1914 at the age of 41 years and is buried in the Bendigo Cemetery (grave #22581). Bendigo miners died from lung ailments at six times the rate of Victorian adult males; related females and non-miner males had tuberculosis death-rates above their respective Victorian averages.   Johanna was the daughter of Louis Samuels,a well paid mine manager, but because her father felt that Joanna had defied him and married beneath her station, Samuels refused to help his daughter in any way.  After Henry died, Johanna was forced to make the children Wards of the State and she played piano in dance bands to support her children. Louis Samuels died on 2 January, 1912, leaving an estate valued at £1235/7/1 which included a house in Hamlet Street valued at £650.  Bridget lived until 1928.  Before we found this photo of Johanna we wondered if Bridget was in contact with her first born and with her grand-children.  We should have known better and it explains why we all were in touch and very close over many years with her sisters Ellen & Esther and even opera singer sister Kate (Madame Benda) who married and settled in London.  Fred and Kate corresponded regularly until Fred’s death in 1962. Johanna died in 1934 and is buried with Henry in the Bendigo Cemetery (grave #22581). When her husband Henry died in 191, Jo’s oldest of eight children was 15 year old Lou (Henry or Harry Louis) and the youngest, John Stanley (Jack), was just 12 months old. 
Johanna Waddington The original photograph was taken by W Vincent Kelly - Mitchell St. and is mounted on cardboard.  On the reverse is a note “To: my dear mother with love”
Waddingtons of Bendigo
Alexandra Fountain circa 1898. Note the tram tracks in the foreground.  Currently operated by Bendigo Heritage Attractions, trams have run in Bendigo since 1890